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LibSQEE Project Showcase


SQEE, or "Sassy Quick Expandable Engine", is a game engine library and framework written in C++. It's primary component, LibSQEE, is a library containing all sorts of useful stuff for 3D applications, particularly games.

Features include:

  • concise OpenGL object wrappers
  • building blocks like Application and Scene classes
  • helpers for intergration with chaiscript
  • Texture, Mesh, Armature, Material, etc. classes for assets
  • templates for building asset cache or manager systems
  • window and input on top of SFML, with support for other backends
  • cross platform, runs on Linux and Windows, with Android planned
  • template maths library with vectors, matrices, quaternions, and volumes
  • much more!


SQEE is Open Source software - Check it out on GitHub!