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SQEE RPG Project Showcase


SQEE RPG is a complete game engine using LibSQEE. It's formost aim is to allow the creation of a high quality 3D Action Role Playing Game. Development has stalled, as I am now focusing on SuperTuxSmash.

Features include:

  • fast deferred high dynamic range rendering
  • volumetric lighting for directional, orthographic, point and spot lights
  • scenes defined completely within chaiscript
  • adjustable cascading shadow maps with stable projection
  • soft shadows with high quality filtering
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion and Bloom effects
  • frustum culling and depth pre-pass for all objects
  • fast data-oriented entity design with decoupled rendering
  • much more!


Old Particle Demonstration

Old Physics Demonstration


SQEE is Open Source software - Check it out on GitHub!